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Wojciech Faruga

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Wojciech Faruga

Dear Friends,

The most interesting results are a consequence of meetings. This is the type of theatre that we would like to showcase this year and this is the type of festival that we would like you to participate in. The biggest stars of the KORCZAK Festival are its viewers: children and young people. We would like to invite you to meet new subjects, actions and ideas. We hope that the KORCZAK Festival will surprise you again.

This year the Festival actions are going to be centred around
the Powszechny Theatre. However, we will not just invite you to the auditorium. We are going to activate all areas of the Powszechny Theatre and hand them over to children, allowing them to construct a world based on their imagination and create unconventional, social works of art during
festival happenings.

The long-standing "special shows" formula takes on a new shape at this year's Festival. We have invited troupes which associate people who view the world from a different perspective. They see more, they see differently – allowing us to form a deepened understanding of the surrounding world. Coming into contact with their remarkable presence and sensitivity will be an alternative to the most interesting performances of theatres for children and young people.

This year we are going to present eight performances by Belgian, Croatian, Italian, Canadian and German troupes and fourteen Polish productions. But this is not all. We are also going to explore the territory where theatre meets history. We have established cooperation with new partners who helped us to organise a number of extraordinary meetings. However, it is your participation in "KORCZAK 2012" Festival that we are most happy about.

See you!

Grażyna Karwowska-Winiarek, Wojciech Faruga


Dear Friends, dear Guests,

thanks to the efforts of the Ombudsman for Children, 2012 has been declared the Janusz Korczak Year.
This is an important event for our KORCZAK Festival – which is already in its 16th edition – as well as for the memory and follow-up of the work of this unique man. Janusz Korczak remains a growing symbol of the fight for children's rights – that much is clear. Janusz Korczak, with his work, his life and the fate that befell him has born testimony to the tasks that face both adults and adults-to-be – that's also a fact.
However, there remains a question: how should Korczak's works be interpreted today, in the world of new media, the mysterious, always imminent crisis, multicultural reality and numerous ecological threats?
I ensure you that these books are full of up-to-date advice, as if they had been written yesterday; that "The Bankruptcy of Little Jack", novels about King Matt and "Kaytek the Wizard" are still worth reading and the writings of the "Old Doctor" are still capable of moving us and showing us the way.
Janusz Korczak, the hero, teacher and philosopher, began his last march to Treblinka with his pupils from exactly the same spot as today's Lalka Theatre.
It is hard to avoid thinking that the flocks of laughing, happy kids going to the theatre are a triumphant proof and testimony of the durability of Korczak's thought and seem to form a magical reversal of what happened in the terrible year of 1942.
2014 is going to witness a special edition of the KORCZAK Festival: this year the festival is going to coincide with the world ASSITEJ congress.
The motto proposed for 2014 is the following: "More than theatre, more than here, more than now". The possibility of associations is endless.
You are already welcome!

Maciej Wojtyszko


Dear Patron, dear Janusz Korczak,

it was your noble life – dedicated and devoted to children through direct work with them and the wonderful literary oeuvre – that inspired the Polish ASSITEJ to organise the first International Festival of Theatres for Children and Young People KORCZAK in 1994.
I would like to thank you, as our Patron, for giving us the wise example of your entire work, life and the Great Sacrifice. I am grateful to you for that inspiration and for helping us to see the value of bringing up young people through theatre art.
I think that the Festival of Theatres for Children and Young People under your patronage is a very important theatre festival for children and young people. Don't ever leave us!

Halina Machulska

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