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"Goose on the loose!" The Animation Theatre (Poznań)
"Two heads are better than one!" Local Action Group of the Mountain Spirit Partnership Foundation (Karpacz)
"Middle East" Society of Artists (Lublin)
"The little book" Baj Theatre (Warsaw)
"Flax" Theater Atofri - Poznań Artistic Foundation
"Nina and Paul" Children's Art Centre (Poznań)
"Homeland" The Polski Theatre (Poznań)
"Ony" Powszechny Theatre (Łódź)
"Enjoy your meal, dear Wolf..." Alojzy Smolka Puppet and Actor Theatre in Opole
"Everything is here" Jerzy Szaniawski Drama Theatre in Wałbrzych
"Nicholas on Holiday" The Lalka Theatre (Warsaw)
"Pet small confessions" "Middle East" Society of Artists (Lublin)

„Goose on the loose!” The Animation Theatre (Poznań)

theatre director: Marek Waszkiel
author: Marta Guśniowska
directed by: Marta Guśniowska
set design by: Julia Skuratova
music by: Piotr Nazaruk
cast: Elżbieta Węgrzyn, Mariola Ryl – Krystianowska,  Krzysztof Dutkiewicz,  Marek A. Cyris, Marcin Ryl – Krystianowski

ages: 9 +
55 min.
première: 5 December 2014

The Goose - at least our Goose - suffers from depression. She is thin, and ugly, has no friends - the only thing she does have is this great sadness, stuck to her as well as an autumn leaf is stuck to the sole of a wet shoe.  Will Goose find her happiness? Will she smile again? You will find out by watching this funny play about searching for the meaning in life, great power of friendship and happiness that gets to us even when we least expect it...

"This search for the meaning of life - the most difficult, most painful, hurtful and traumatising our mediocre existence from birth until death - is presented here, as we have already mentioned twice, as a sensational and attractive matter.  For throughout the whole time we were thinking whether our heroine would in the end be eaten, and if she would, who would eat her."

Juliusz Tyszka
A perfect play

"Two heads are better than one!" Local Action Group of the Mountain Spirit Partnership Foundation (Karpacz)

president: Dorota Goetz
staging concept:  Agnieszka Mielcarek, Diana Jonkisz
directed: Agnieszka Mielcarek
set design: Diana Jonkisz
Natalia Pucek
cast:  Diana Jonkisz, Tobiasz Cichoński

ages: 4+
35 min.
workshops: 25 min.
première: 17 December 2015

Head is the central part of a human. It may be too large, at times foolish.  But it all begins there.
What's inside? Who is the head of state and who has their head in the clouds? What to do when mum has a head-ache? We will all find answers to these questions. We will tickle our memory banks to check we all have them. 
The activities presented in the project were all clearly inspired by the ideas of Jan Dorman.  The play integrates etudes, performative elements, and magic. The adult world incessantly permeates the child's world, and the play presents Lech Wałęsa, Elvis Presley and even Mona Lisa. Isn't it out of your head?


"Middle East" Society of Artists (Lublin)


pesident: Pawel Passini
author: Agnieszka Nasierowska
drected: Grzegorz Grecas
set design: Agnieszka Aleksiejczuk
music: Pawel Głosz
visualizations: David Okoński
cast: Piotr Bublewicz, Przemysław Furdak, Grzegorz Grecas, Malwina Rusów

ages: 16+
90 min. + 90 min. of workshops
première: 08 December 2015

#enterorestes is based on real events, but its narrative begins at a point where truth and fiction become blurred. The story emerges on the crossroads of the actual and virtual realities. If there is time and space for the contemporary myth of patri/matricide to take place, it is the Internet.  It is the only place to feel entirely free and get away with it. 

"#enterorestesthe title itself is the first guideline: the ancient text by Euripides bares the  mechanics of crime, just like the true story from Rakowiska.  This is not a fictitious story about murderers, but a study on how people reach the final decisions, what leads to it, and how a teenager in the contemporary world keeps the deal in play.

Marta Seredyńska, Theatre  Log – In Log – Out, 26 December, 2015


"The little book" Baj Theatre (Warsaw)

theatre director: Ewa Piotrowska
directed and set design:  Elżbieta Bieda, Marek Zimakiewicz
music: Kamil Zawiślak
cast:  Elżbieta Bieda, Marek Zimakiewicz

ages: 3+
45 min.
première: 16 April 2016

When is the best time to start your adventure with a book?  The best time is the babyBaj time, from the beginning, right now. Our book sports no letters, but it does show amazing pictures.  It reveals many mysteries, things to discover, tells the little ones about the world showing them how fascinating it can be. Perception and imagination of little viewers are gradually led throughout the pages of the book, from geometrical figures and contrasting shades to a multi-colour  variety of different shapes showing the children the world of nature.

"The magic begins when actors open the book, or I should rather say - a volume, as it is an enormous prop, carefully crafted, acting as the main character in the show.    Each page shows different colour and sound, different worlds and elements painted in our imagination. The gentleness of the forest, savage jungle, classic sounds, geometric evenness - these are only a few thoughts I had while discovering the magical story nidden in each page."

Magda Kurowska From a plain sheet of paper to the book of imagination,,7161d06.html

"Flax" Theater Atofri - Poznań Artistic Foundation

theatre directors:  Beata Bąblińska, Monika Kabacińska
directed by:  Beata Bąblińśka, Monika Kabacińska
set design by:  Anna Brandys, Karolina Grzeszczuk
costumes: Elżbieta Cios
music: Beata Bąblińśka, Monika Kabacińska
artistic cooperation: Bogdan Żyłkowski
cast: Beata Bąblińska, Monika Kabacińska

ages: 1+
35 min + playtime
première: December 2014

The show takes us to the fields and meadows where flax grows.  The scenes come together to become something of a patchwork woven from linen threads, dry stalks, seeds and fabrics.  During the performance we see flax fields change depending on the time of day. Voice improvised tunes, created as they go, are a beautiful background to the images of flax.


"Nina and Paul" Children's Art Centre (Poznań)

director: Jerzy Moszkowicz
author: Thilo Reffert
translated by: Lila Mrowińska - Lissewska
directed by: Jerzy Moszkowicz
set design by: Jakub Psuja
music by: Jacek Skowroński
costumes by: Angelina Janas - Jankowska
stage movement by: Paulina Wycichowska
multimedia content by: Jakub Psuja
cast:  Anna Mierzwa, Łukasz Chrzuszcz

ages: 10+
60 min.
première: 23 April 2016
Co-produced by  Tadeusz ‎Łomnicki Nowy Theatre in Poznań

"(...) we are witnessing the most beautiful day of our lives so far.
This day is described with great artistry, sensitivity and empathy in a German writer's Thilo Reffert drama Nina and Paul. The pair of titular characters, Nina and Paul are in their early teens, attend the same class and spend a stressful, but fascinating afternoon together on Nina's parents' farm. The culmination of the hours spent together is climbing a 400-metre windmill,  first physical closeness and a shy, clumsy, but true kiss.
Juliusz Tyszka Between the wall and the valley

"Thilo Reffert's art is an intriguing proposal of how to speak with children about their budding feelings, and that it is worth to be open and honest to people we care for.  Parents get a clear message: children have a right to love and we need to respect this right.
 The show reminds of a romantic comedy, but this time it is for children. Moszkowicz
with his colleagues ensured lots of bright humour, astonishing stage solutions as well as theatrical conventions.  Nothing is quite obvious here.  But the most important thing is to listen to each other."

Stefan Drajewski "Nina and Paul"  - A romantic comedy, "Glos Wielkopolski" 4/25/2016

"Homeland" The Polski Theatre (Poznań)

theatre diector: Marcin Kowalski
author: Krystyna Miłobędzka
dramaturgy by: Justyna Lipko-Konieczna
directed by: Justyna Sobczyk
set design by: Jakub Drzastwa
music by: Robert Piernikowski
stage: movement by Janusz Orlik
cast: Barbara Krasińska, Ewa Szumska, Mariusz Adamski, Piotr B. Dąbrowski, Paweł Siwiak

ages: 6+
70 min.
première: 12 March 2016

What is homeland?  When a grown-up confronted with the question does not need to back away
into their complicated and abstract language there is a chance to become creative. 
But to truly open our mind we need to face the risk of ignorance and blundering when searching for the solution, but always listening and speaking to a child.  The answer to being together in the process of unveiling complex ideas is to PLAY.
The creators of the show, based on the work of a great poet from Puszczyków, writer of theatre texts dedicated to the youngest audiences - Krystyna Miłobędzka, a virtuoso of words, follow the author on her journey into the world of child's play.  Counting and nursery rhymes, play on words, constructing and demolishing things together, will lead the characters, step by step, to understand the many meaning of the word HOMELAND.
The play involving five characters: Block, Speech, Mr Army, Road and Home introduces the viewers to the more and more complex meanings and relations guiding a child to become and adult.

Justyna Lipko – Konieczna , Justyna Sobczyk


"Ony" Powszechny Theatre (Łódź)

theatre director: Ewa Pilawska
author: Marta Guśniowska
directed by: Ewa Pilawska, Andrzej Jakubas
set design by: Wojciech Stefaniak
choreography:  Jarosław Staniek, Iwona Staniek
cast:  Małgorzata Goździk,  Katarzyna Grabowska,  Marta Jarczewska,  Jarosław Dziedzic,  Jakub Firewicz,  Damian Kulec,  Michał Lacheta,  Arkadiusz Wójcik

ages: 12+
90 min.
première: 28 February 2016

Ony is dedicated to teenagers slowly bidding farewell to the innocence of childhood to finally begin to understand the world and be more aware of its mechanics.  However adults will also find it interesting to reminisce on the actual moment and events preceding their transformation into adulthood.  Having grieved the loss of his mother, the main character sets out in search of the father he never knew.  Throughout his journey, Ony meets a number of fairy tale beings, wins the heart of a Princess, experiences extraordinary adventures to finally reach peace. Or perhaps to simply grow up?

"In fact, Ony is an à rebours story. Illusion conceals painful human experiences, and the fairy tale scenery serves as a stage for profound drama.  The road taken by the main character is a metaphor for maturing, a sort of transition from care-free childhood 
to the world of adulthood filled with bitter awareness."

Agnieszka Wojcieszek  Ony: (Not)only for youth , 3/1/2016


"Enjoy your meal, dear Wolf..." Alojzy Smolka Puppet and Actor Theatre in Opole

theatre director: Krystian Kobyłka
author: Marta Guśniowska
directed by: Marián Pecko
set design by: Eva Farkašová
music by: Tomasz Lukasiewicz
cast:  Mariola Ordak – Świątkiewicz, Jakub Kowalczyk, Elżbieta Żłobicka, Dorota Nowak,
Agnieszka Zyskowska – Biskup

ages: 5+
60 min.
première: 06 February 2016

An old Wolf, in fact, a She-Wolf, is preparing for her last journey, but the comfort of her leave is disturbed by a merry and naive Hare that crosses her path. She can go mad and want to eat it, but... she needs to care, accompany, and simply love.  The Wolf, i.e. She-Wolf and Hare travel together in search of a home, but in the end they find true happiness. They develop a beautiful relationship and create something timeless. Their journey together, and getting to know each other sends each child a message - the wisdom of understanding that true, profound relationships are of most value in each person's life.

"An orphaned Hare, strange to the laws of the wilderness becomes a protégé of a dying Wolf. The Wolf fulfils her last task and experiences her last adventure in life - teaching the fluffy being how to live and how to be a true friend".
Martyna Friedla Difficult, but beautiful friendship, "Gazeta Wyborcza" Opole, 2/8/2016

"Everything is here" Jerzy Szaniawski Drama Theatre in Wałbrzych

theatre director: Danuta Marosz
author: Guus  Kuijer
translated by: Jadwiga Jędryas
dramaturgy by: Amaduesz Nosal
directed by: Magdalena Miklasz
set design by: Mirek Kaczmarek
video by: Amadeusz Nosal
music by: Anna Stela
cast: Sara Celler-Jezierska, Joanna Łaganowska, Dorota Kowalkowska, Filip Perkowski, Piotr Tokarz, Ryszard Węgrzyn, [voice: Jakub Skrzywanek]

ages: 11+
70 min.
première: 15 December 2016

The main character in Everything is here, based on Guus Kuijer's The book of everything is a 9-year old Thomas endowed with an extraordinary imagination.  The boy sees things others seem to disregard. He only has one dream: to be happy when he grows up... Thomas' family only seems to be ordinary.  His home conceals a certain mystery.  It is because of it, the flowers deflect their heads towards the windows and angels cover their eyes.  Whatever Thomas sees he writes down in his diary. It is The book of everything, with which the boy ceases to be afraid...

"A few cardboard buildings, six actors and a tad of childhood imagination let us witness the boy's story. We did see Thomas meeting the neighbourhood witch who teaches him how to love books.  We see him being rejected by his tyrant father.
We see his first love to Eliza with only one little finger. And we finally see when he establishes the flying book club."
Piotr Bogdański Everything is here, not only for satchels, "Tygodnik Walbrzych" no 51/2016


"Nicholas on Holiday" The Lalka Theatre (Warsaw)

theatre director: Jarosław Kilian
author: René Goscinny                                                                                                                            
translated by: Barbara Grzegorzewska
adapted by: Maria Wojtyszko
directed by: Jakub Krofta
set design by: Marek Zákostelecký
music by: Vratislav Šramek
choreography by: Aneta Jankowska
lighting design by: Damian Pawella
cast:  Grzegorz Feluś, Aneta Harasimczuk, Roman  Holc, Tomasz Mazurek, Wojciech Pałęcki,
Andrzej Perzyna,  Wojciech Słupiński,  Piotr Tworek                                                 

ages: 7+
65 min.
première: 15 January 2016

"Nicholas on Holiday" is a play that speaks of a crisis threatening the lovable childishness of the main character.  It is the first time Nicholas leaves for a summer camp, and passes from his parents' authority under the power of a quite stern head of the scout team, Mr Râteau. Mr Râteau needs to make sure that his charges will become "real men". Can he manage?

"The majority of the play is live acting. The boys, Nicholas and his friends met at the camp, are played by men, and not very young ones too (...), in shorts, striped navy shirts, they remind us of daddies laced up with boys - quite the opposite to, for instance, puppets presenting boys with and adult glance.  In one case the childishness eliminates maturity, and in the other maturity supersedes the childishness."
Aleksandra Rembowska French humour and Czech theatre,,1405.html


"Pet small confessions" "Middle East" Society of Artists (Lublin)

president: Paweł Passini
author: Paweł Passini
directed by: Paweł Passini
set design by: Paweł Korbus
costumes: El Bruzda
music by:  Paweł Passini, Marcin „Kabat” Kowalczuk
visualisations: Maria Porzyc
cast: Dariusz Jeż, Marcin „Kabat” Kowalczuk, Joanna Lewicka, Agata Meilute, Sean Palmer, Paweł Passini, Maria Porzyc, Elżbieta Rojek, Katarzyna Tadeusz, Maciej Wyczański / Przemysław Buksiński

ages: 6+
75 min.
première: 07 December 2010

Sergei Kozlov was one of the most well known and highly respected children's tales author in Russia and the former USSR.  The protagonists of his short stories live in the forest: hedgehog, bear, eagle owl, squirrel, hare, wolf and many others. The animals experience all kinds of adventures, sometimes ordinary, at times unbelievable, and they wish for their crazy dreams to come true.  They are struggling with weakness, and loneliness. Despite their differences they always try to speak with each other.  They constantly travel - daydreaming or quite awake.  They never lose hope and their curiosity of the world. And this fairytale - as all fairytales must - ends well.

"Paweł Passini (...) strictly observes order in his Pets. This way he creates a loose, lightweight whole, and the veiled forest is breathing freely. Each of the animals - Bear, Hare, Hedgehog, Squirrel or Lynx is different from another, not in La Fontaine's way, but because they are endowed with a character of their own. We can see and hear the symbolic
multiculturalism of the forest."

Sylwia Hejno Fairytalesd with long ears, „Kurier Lubelski”, 12/11/2010



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