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The project involves an unlimited creation of music and sounds. This year we will host a unique KORCZAK Festival orchestra led by children only. The young workshop participants will create their own instruments, write their own lyrics, sing them and compose their own music with the help of the instructors. It will be loud, lively, and a lot of fun! There will be a great concert on the big stage of the Powszechny Theatre, a part of the Festival's grand finale.

The workshop will be conducted by instructors from Machulski’s Acting School

age: 13-18 years

30 hours of workshop
First meeting: 24 September

Instructors: Zuzanna Falkowska, Paulina Kardas


STORY LAB is an intergenerational laboratory of stories. Teenagers learn about the work of a researcher and techniques of collecting reports. Then they become researchers themselves and collect reports from their parents, neighbours and strangers. Based on the collected stories they will create a theatre event, which will be presented to their peers - students of Praga secondary schools - with an associated workshop. This is a unique form of peer education. The first edition of the project involved young people dealing with the reality of the system change, such as the Palaeozoic era, they were discovering the real 1990s - the time of their parents' youth. This year we go back to the 1980s and will analyse the phenomenon of the Polish Punk. The undertaking is carried out in the framework of the PO ASSITEJ statutory activities, co-financed by the city of Warsaw

Instructors Magdalena Mosiewicz Sebastian Królikowski Marcin Zbyszyński

age 15-18
32 hours of workshop  first workshop 7 IX after 4:00 pm
Teatr Powszechny ul. Jana Zamoyskiego 20 03-801 Warszawa




The technique of working with the theatre created by the Brazilian director Augusto Boal. The author's intention was to show the participants how to change the world with the use of the theatre.   The Forum Theatre productions let the audience stop the action on the stage.  The viewer can say "stop" and interrupt a scene, in which the protagonist is being oppressed.  The viewers have the possibility to change this situation by taking on the role of the protagonist.  They then become actors and full-fledged authors of the story. The Machulski's Acting School adapted the Forum Theatre as a work technique used in education.  The school does not only want to educate theatre actors, but also theatre artists who can work with the use of interactive methods, combining theatre and education. This year, under the supervision of qualified instructors, our students will themselves collect real life stories and produce a performance based on them addressed to the students of Warsaw secondary schools.  The production will discuss the spreading wave of racism and violence in Poland.

Instructors Maria Depta, Wojciech Faruga

age 16+
25-28 IX 10:00-16:00
1 X 10:00-14:00
6 X 12:00-20:00
7 X 10:00-20:00

Teatr Powszechny ul. Jana Zamoyskiego 20,  03-801 Warszawa





Two-day playwriting workshops associated with the finale of the National Competition for Young Playwrights are not only addressed to the participants of this year's sixteenth edition of the competition, but also to all other talented young authors of literature.

The workshops are conducted by renown and experienced playwrights. They serve as a set of instructions introducing young students of playwriting into the mysteries of writing for the theatre.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, co-organised by P. O ASSITEJ and Z. Raszewski Theatre Institute.

Hosts: Liliana Bardijewska, Maria Wojtyszko, Katarzyna Pilarska















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