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The Polish ASSITEJ Centre was one of the first Polish organizations, which ventured to research and promote the applied drama.  It was introduced in the 1980s by the long-term President of the Association, Mrs Halina Machulska.  Drama is an educational method involving theatre in the process of education and development. It is a schooling method that makes student no longer feel passive in education, but allows them to speak and actively participate in the process of learning.  The Polish ASSITEJ Centre has been offering drama courses for teachers since 1987.  300 people completed them together with the teaching theatre at school courses. This year - a year before the 30th anniversary of the first course - we had an idea to consolidate a group of theatrical practitioners and academics working with drama and associated with the Polish ASSITEJ Centre.  The ASSITEJ drama forum was set up to carry out this endeavour. The two main themes of the Forum programme will focus on: promoting and consolidating the heritage of Halina Machulska, stimulating the growth of drama and seeking innovative forms of work with drama. The Forum programme will include presentations of drama performances and projects, discussion panels and presentations of the latest world trends in the development of the drama method.  

Coordinator: Elżbieta Socha



It has for many years been a tradition of the festival to hold the so-called happenings 20 minutes before each play. We have often seen groups arriving at the theatre too early, strolling through the corridors without a purpose. The supervisors found it difficult to control their curious wards.

Hence we had an idea to engage viewers in theatrical activities by simple tasks preparing them for participation.

20 minutes before each play, we will hold happenings in foyer or in front of the theatre!


Jan Dorman Competition

Jan Dorman Competition for the children/youth theatre production presented in educational establishments with associated educational activities, hosted by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, and financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. As a result of the competition, 9 plays were performed over 300 times in schools and kindergartens all over Poland. Jan Dorman, the competition's patron, was an outstanding Polish theatre artist, director and educator, long-standing director of The Zagłębie Jan Dorman Children's Theatre in Będzin.

In cooperation with the Theatre Institute we will present three productions from the competition during this year's KORCZAK festival Performances will take place in educational establishments - places they were intended for.


In order to celebrate the memory of The Old Doctor, it has become our Festival tradition to host the Golden Race from Lalka Theatre (where the orphanage used to stand) to Janusz Korczak monument in the nearby park. The young spectators, actors, spectators, teachers and parents – gather in front of the theatre. Figures clad in colourful theatre costumes help them form teams by placing them along solid, colourful ropes. Each of the participants of the race receives a large golden sunflower. The participants move to the park and, on hearing the signal, let go of the ropes and run as fast as they can towards the statue. As they climb the pedestal, they shower The Good Doctor with sunflowers. This way, Janusz Korczak each year becomes the honorary winner of the „Golden” award.

Children’s zone

The children's zone was designed to create a friendly space for the young and youngest audiences of the Korczak Festival. The viewers can form and govern the zone themselves. Young festival participants will spend their time in THE CHILDREN'S ZONE and take part in games and fun organized by our youth workers, e.g. interactive television project, Yellow Avenue - now a trademark of the festival, and play new games with educational sponge blocks. The ZONE will be located in the area in front of the Powszechny Theatre as well as in its interior, i.e. the Centre of this year's KORCZAK Festival.

Looking for the Polish Shakespeare with Machulski's Acting School

the coordinator of the competition: Adam Biernacki
school's director: Anna Kozłowska
authors: the laureates of the competition
director, cast, production/staging: participants of summer drama camps

We would like you to join us in a unique event closing the cooperation of young playwrights, laureates of the Polish National Competition for Young Playwrights "Looking for the Polish Shakespeare", and the young people from the Machulski's Acting School. During the grand finale of the Competition and the presentation of awards we will hold a gala inaugurating the new year of studies at the Acting School. In a special artistic programme we will present the effects of our work during summer drama workshops, i. e. the mini stagings awarded in the competition for the youngest authors in Poland.  You cannot miss that!

The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage,
co-organised by P. O ASSITEJ and Z. Raszewski  Theatre Institute.




During the closing gala of the 20th International Festival of Theatres for Children and Young People “KORCZAK 2016” we will be able to admire the works created by our youngest – and slightly older – viewers, who took part in the happenings preceding each performance. Selected pieces will form the basis of this theatre and music event.

We will also present the festival awards:
- the "Golden" Grand Prix for the best performance;
- "Pig in a Poke" – an invitation to the subsequent edition of the Festival for the next production of the prize-winning troupe outside the qualification procedure;
- "Grain" – prize awarded by our junior jurors
and distinctions of the Polish Centre of ASSITEJ.
















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