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    Yuk... / a diploma performance
"PROMISED LAND, or Peter Pan who does not want to grow up" JAZDAA POLAND! Foundation for the Young Artists (Poręba)
Story LAB – an interactive production
Looking for the Polish Shakespeare with Machulski's Acting School
Forum Theatre – an interactive production

Yuk... / a diploma performance

director: Adam Ciołek
author: Malina Prześluga
staged and directed by: Adam Biernacki
music by: Konrad Wantrych
choreographic cooperation: Ilona Rechnio
cast: Milena Brzyska, Agata Darnowska, Anna Gadzała, Monika Łabendowicz, Grzegorz Mroziński, Aleksandra Roszkiewicz, Magdalena Stefańska, Ida Trzcińska

ages: 4+
50 min.

Do you also yell "yuk!" when you see something disgusting? If you do, then I don't need to introduce our main character. She is definitely yuk! And quite mysterious as well. Nobody knows who she is and where she came from. And why she is soooo yucky!

While travelling through the fairytale world, you and your children will become friends with a group of quite eccentric insects, who spend their time in exile from the castle of the Butterfly Queen.  The play of Malina Prześluga is an amusing story about the role of mutual support and talents hidden
in each of us.

The performance was produced as an open-air diploma play at Machulski's Acting School.  It was performed nearby the "Finnish Houses" at  Jazdów St. in Warsaw, as part of the "Transfusion - actor's exchange" project, co-financed by  the city of Warsaw The license for performing the work was granted by ADiT, the Agency of Drama and Theatre.

"PROMISED LAND, or Peter Pan who does not want to grow up" JAZDAA POLAND! Foundation for the Young Artists (Poręba)

theatre director:  Tobiasz Sebastian Berg
author: Katarzyna Raduszyńska
directed by: Katarzyna Raduszyńska
set design by: Iza Wądołowska, Magdalena Kowalczyk, Paulina Plinta, Noemi Berenstein
music by: Dominik Strycharski
choreography: Tobiasz  Sebastian Berg, Justyna Masłowska
cast: Amanda Barnaś, Kamil Baryła, Tobiasz Sebastian Berg, Mateusz Flis, Dorota Furmaniuk, Natalia Handzlik, Tomasz Lis,  Grzegorz Łabuda, Anna Kądziołka, Jakub Kruczek

ages: 8+
80 min.
première: 05 June 2016

Just put on the dusty wings and enter the land, where there is no beginning or end, where all the social roles disappear, and people can be themselves and with each other. In that land 
everything happens as planned. As you planned.  In that land you can be anywhere in the world
with anybody, with people you want to be.  Neverland knows no worries

only unlimited freedom. Power and money do not exist.  Nothing fails there. When we dream about something in real life we often experience disappointment. It will not happen there.  I assure you of that!


Story LAB – an interactive production

The performance was created on the basis of young people's STORY LAB workshops. The participants became researchers, documentarians and registered interviews with their parents, neighbours and sometimes complete strangers. The meetings and stories contributed to this theatrical event, focused on the phenomenon of the Polish punk music in the 1980s The undertaking is carried out in the framework of the PO ASSITEJ statutory activities, co-financed by the city of Warsaw.

Looking for the Polish Shakespeare with Machulski's Acting School

koordynator Konkursu: Adam Biernacki
dyrektor Ogniska: Anna Kozłowska
autorzy: laureaci Konkursu
reżyseria, obsada, inscenizacja: uczestnicy letnich warsztatów teatralnych 

We would like you to join us in a unique event closing the cooperation of young playwrights, laureates of the Polish National Competition for Young Playwrights "Looking for the Polish Shakespeare", and the young people from the Machulski's Acting School. During the grand finale of the Competition and the presentation of awards we will hold a gala inaugurating the new year of studies at the Acting School. In a special artistic programme we will present the effects of our work during summer drama workshops, i. e. the mini stagings awarded in the competition for the youngest authors in Poland. You cannot miss that!
The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, co-organised by P. O ASSITEJ and Z. Raszewski Theatre Institute.

The workshop will be conducted by instructors  from Machulski’s Acting School

durration: 1,5-2 godz.
age: from12 yaars.



Forum Theatre – an interactive production

The Forum Theatre productions let the audience stop the action on the stage. The viewer can say "stop" and interrupt a scene, in which the protagonist is being oppressed. The viewers have the possibility to change this situation by taking on the role of the protagonist. They then become actors and full-fledged authors of the story. The production will discuss the spreading wave of racism and violence in Poland.









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