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"Beak to beak" Animation Theatre (Poznań / Poland)
"Close" Children's" Art Center (Poznań)
"Children’s Day" Rampa Theatre in Targówek (Warsaw)
"Froggy" The Animation Theatre (Poznań)
"Hell-Heaven" Wrocław Puppet Theater (Wrocław)
"King Matt I" Lalka Theatre (Warsaw / Poland)
"King Matt the First" Jerzy Zitzman Banialuka Puppet Theatre in Bielsko-Biała (Bielsko-Biała)
"Lullaykas and counting-out rhymes" - Concert. The Atofri Theatre (Poznań Art Fund / Poland)
"Ronja, the Robber’s daughter" Teatr Pinokio (Łódź)
"The Pink Guest" Gulliver Theatre (Warsaw / Poland)
"Treatise on stealing fruit" The Guliwer Theatre (Warsaw / Poland)
"Twang and Bang" The Baj Pomorski Theatre (Toruń / Poland)
"Wooow, chicolate!" The Baj Theatre (Warsaw / Poland)

"Beak to beak" Animation Theatre (Poznań / Poland)

chief manager: Piotr Klimek
written: Malina Prześluga
directed: Ireneusz Maciejewski
set design: Robert Romanowicz
music: Łukasz Pospieszalski
cast: Marcin Chomicki, Magdalena Dehr, Igor Fijałkowski, Marcel Górnicki, Aleksandra Leszczyńska, Artur Romański

opening night: 17 April 2016
ages: 4+
75 min.

Each city courtyard is run by a Bunch of Pigeons. Brave, courageous, honourable, they raise their proud voices every minute. They only interrupt when someone drops some crumbs... Or, if their eternal enemy, the cat, appears in the hood. And it was the cat that crashed the Bunch of Zbigniew. Ate the pigeons of Janusz. Nobody saw it. But pigeons do not need any proof to get their revenge. Fortunately, Przemek the pigeon suddenly shows up in the courtyard. A poor guy with no bunch of his own. He does not fit and has no say. But his kind heart and faith in birds let him help the Bunch and prevent a catastrophe.
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What can happen when the predictable life of the proud pigeon Bunch is suddenly disturbed? And what if the eternal enemy - the cat - will not prove to be the “evil one”, and a small Sparrow, rejected by the Bunch, will manifest so much honour and valour that most pigeons can only dream about it? Well, we may see here a beautiful story about friendship, breaking barriers and discovering the things which matter most in life.

Marta Wojciechowska


"Close" Children's Art Center (Poznań)

theatre manager: Jerzy Moszkowicz
directed:  Alicja Morawska-Rubczak
stage design: Barbara Małecka
music: Wacław Zimpel
graphics: Małgosia Małecka Hello calligraphy
paintings: Władysław Radziwiłłowicz
cast:  Paulina Giwer-Kowalewska, Filip Meyer-Lüters

opening night 26 November, 2016
ages: 1+
45 min.

Come closer, see, touch, feel. Look inside. Our stories - one inside the other, are waiting to be discovered. Close will become an adventure - searching for the secrets that can be found inside all of us. Closeness - me, you, we - family. Each of us carries a part of it. When we are bonding, we are starting to open up to each other, taking one step at a time. What does it mean to care? How can one take care of someone? How can we look after each other? These are just some of the questions that are so important for our emotional development and the artists who created the show will try to respond to them with the very young viewers. Two dancers on a round stage - a circle of life and community, and in the centre - a matrioshka - the symbol of maternity, which at the same time contains many surprises. The traditional form of the doll gains contemporary features and can be creatively transformed - both by artists and viewers. The form triggers a wordless discussion where touch, tenderness and closeness become most important. theatre information


"Children’s Day" Rampa Theatre in Targówek (Warsaw)

theatre manager: Witold Olejarz
written:  Tomasz Jachimek
lyrics: Tomasz Jachimek
directed:  Jerzy Jan Połoński
stage design: Marika Wojciechowska
music:  Marcin Partyka
choreography: Jarosław Staniek
cast:  Kamila Boruta, Małgorzata Duda Kozera, Maciej Gąsiorek, Dominika Łakomska, Konrad Marszałek, Brygida Turowska

opening night 9 September 2016
ages: 6+
60 min.

The very busy Mr. Manager has no time for his daughter. As a result of an uttered wish he becomes a child again, and his return to school triggers a series of comic events. It turns out that school is not as easy and pleasant as it seemed to grown-ups. What does a Children’s Day look like when it is not a holiday? And will Pauline help her dad go through it with ease? theatre information

Jachimek's distinctive sense of humour, along with his unquestioned intelligence triggers the imagination and sensitivity of the young people when presenting the world in the Children's Day performance of the Rampa Theatre. At the same time, the educational purpose of the show is not being hammered home, but the characters use a language full of unusual and snidy associations, pointed out in a humorous way, and if they are intended to ridicule, they do it with subtle grace.

Wiesław Kowalski

"Froggy" The Animation Theatre (Poznań)

theatre manager: Marek Waszkiel
written: Max Velthuijs
adapted: Lusuardi, Fabrizio Montecchi
translated: Jan Ratić
directed: Fabrizio Montecchi
set design:  Nicoletta Garioni
costumes: Sara Bartesaghi Gallo
puppets:  Federica Ferrari doll according to Max Velthuijsa
music: Michele Fedrigotti
cast: Marek A. Cyris, Katarzyna Romańska, Sylwia Zajkowska

opening night 22 September 2016
ages: 4+
60 min.

Froggy and her friends overcome the daily obstacles and face the everyday dilemmas. The world around is so fascinating! A blackbird met in a forest glade inspires a reflection about the essence of death and the need to enjoy every moment. The unhappy love that Frog is going through is the starting point for considering the suffering and happiness resulting from it. Night terrors are a perfect opportunity to explore the true nature of fear - the real and the imagined one.
Thanks to the Froggy’s and her friends’ brilliant sense of humour, expressed in beautiful pictures and words we gain hope to restore strength and desire to live. These short stories with an important message are an adaptation of works by Max Velthuijs, one of the most eminent authors and illustrators of children’s books in the world. Texts and illustrations have been transferred from paper to the stage and transformed with lightness and poetry into great live stories.
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"Hell-Heaven" Wrocław Puppet Theater

Chief Executive Officer: Janusz Jasinski
Art Manager: Jakub Krofta
written: Maria Wojtyszko
directed: Jakub Kroft
music: Grzegorz Mazoń
choreography:  Aneta Jankowska
lighting: Damian Pawella
screenings:  Jakub Lech
cast:  Grzegorz Borowski, Jolanta Góralczyk, Krzysztof Grębski, Radosław Kasiukiewicz, Marek Koziarczyk, Agata Kucińska, Konrad Kujawski, Marta Kwiek, Anna Makowska-Kowalczyk, Patrycja Łacina-Miarka, Tomasz Maśląkowski, Grzegorz Mazoń, Sławomir Przepiórka, Edyta Skarżyńska

opening night 4 December, 2016
ages: 7+
90 min.

HELL-HEAVEN is a fairy-tale show that is taking place between the Earth, Heaven and Hell. The main character, mother of a seven year old Tadzio - known as DJ Deals with It to club music lovers - goes to heaven. However, she quickly understands her time on Earth is not finished yet and she must return to her son at any cost. This a tad cheerful and a tad sad story is told to us by Tadzio, who hid in in a closet after his mom has passed and refuses to go out. HELL-HEAVEN is a show about love and changes we need to accept to live to the full. At the same time it is a tale about women’s power, rebellion and refusal to accept the acts of fate. And about the fact that mothers can always deal with it.
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The artists of the Wroclaw Puppet Theatre created HELL-HEAVEN catering to the tastes of the students, as well as the adults. To make the young viewers engaged, they concealed the important questions from the underworld in an almost virtual reality, attractive for children. And not to discourage them with educational threads, they have spoken with the voice of their peers, a bitrebellious against their parents.

Maria Maczuga
"Nowa siła krytyczna"


"King Matt I" Lalka Theatre (Warsaw / Poland)

chief manager: Jarosław Kilian
written: Janusz Korczak
adaptation and dramaturgy: Martyna Lechman
directed: Daria Kopiec
stage design: Matylda Kotlińska
music: Adam Świtała
choreography: Jacek Owczarek
cast: Rafał Derkacz (guest appearance), Beata Duda-Perzyna, Grzegorz Feluś, Aneta Harasimczuk, Wojciech Pałęcki, Olga Ryl-Krystianowska

ages: 7+
70 min
première: 14 October 2017

How is it that a child is sometimes more mature and perceptive than an adult? How is it that adults are often helpless against the matters they need to face It is a story of a little boy who had no time to play, because he came to rule a country. The author dedicated it not only to children, but adults as well. And treats them equally seriously. It raises questions about justice, honesty and tolerance towards one another. After many years we revive these questions on the stage and they still seem very up-to-date.
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When the whole world seems to be arranged in a perfect maze of orders and prohibitions, everyone begins to miss their space. A world which sees no differences between an adult and a child becomes bleak and colourless. A world where there is no time to play becomes unbearable. And Matt I, one of the youngest kings in the history of the world, came to live in such a world. Even the king can hardly bear the loneliness. Matt I begins to observe the world around him and starts to understand it. We need reforms! He turns this world upside down.
By Daria Kopiec


"King Matt the First" Jerzy Zitzman Banialuka Puppet Theatre in Bielsko-Biała

theatre manager: Lucyna Kozień
written: Janusz Korczak
adapted: Konrad Dworakowski
directed: Konrad Dworakowski
stage design: Marika Wojciechowska
music:Piotr Klimek
stage movement: Anatoliy Ivanov
video screenings: Michał Zielony
cast:  Władysław Aniszewski, Mateusz Barta, Małgorzata Bulska, Konrad Ignatowski, Magdalena Obidowska, Ziemowit Ptaszkowski, Ryszard Sypniewski, Dagmara Włoszek

opening night 26 February, 2017
ages: 10+
65 min.

An unconventional performance based on Janusz Korczak’s King Matt the First directed by Konrad Dworakowski is an attempt at confronting the classic story with the present times. The story of the loneliness of the child, built upon the work that is beyond his strength, diverges from the traditional narrative-based story. The performance is scarce in words, but still deals with important and universal topics: responsibility for oneself and others, power, war, and social relations, friendship and need for closeness. It is said that the favourite pastime of Henry Goldschmit (Janusz Korczak) was stacking blocks. The possibilities which are created by these simple shapes are an endless supply for imagination and creative thinking. And these forms exactly became the basis for the stage design created by Marika Wojciechowska. The enormous minimalistic solids animated by the actors take on various functions. The creators of the show used costumes, gestures, movement, picture and music to create a playing field for the imaginations of the viewers.
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"Lullaykas and counting-out rhymes" – Concert. The Atofri Theatre (Poznań Art Fund / Poland)

managers: Beata Bąblińska, Monika Kabacińska
cast: Beata Bąblińska, Monika Kabacińska

ages: 1+
55 min.
première: 12 March 2016

A lullaby concert is a music event for children and their parents. Lullaykas are old Polish songs from various regions of the country. The lullaby notes interweave with backyard rhymes composed by JacekHałas. The concert – show – is a unique opportunity to make music and dance together. The singers are the Atofri Theatre actresses, Beata Bąblińskaand Monika Kabacińska, together with Jacek Hałas. The artists create an extraordinary world of music stories, accompanied by lullaby animations.
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"Ronja, the Robber’s daughter" Teatr Pinokio (Łódź)

theatre manager: Konrad Dworakowski
written: Astrid Lindgren
translated: Julita Grodek
adapted: Alison Gregory
directed: Karolina Maciejaszek
stage design: Marika Wojciechowska
music: Piotr Klimek
cast:  Łukasz Batko, Łukasz Bzura, Krzysztof Ciesielski, Danuta Kołaczek, Małgorzata Krawczenko, Żaneta Małkowska, Hanna Matusiak, Anna Sztuder-Mieszek, Natalia Wieciech, Ewa Wróblewska

opening night 27 February, 2016
ages: 7+
105 min.

Ronja, the robber's daughter, is a story about love more powerful than war, and about children wiser than adults. Ronja and Birk - a girl and a boy from two robber families fighting to death become very close to each other against their parents’ will.. Two naughty kids rebel against the world of grown-ups - the reality of conflicts, robberies and mutual hatred. Astrid Lingdren, an iconic author of books for children deals with the topic in a profound way, encouraging children to ask questions and think out of the box. An epic story full of adventures in a forest inhabited by wild creatures is a robber’s ballad combining live acting with the puppet theatre. The show - as well as the story itself - confronts us with opposing concepts of friendship and hostility as well as hatred, teaches how to overcome stereotypes, and resolve conflicts. We are encouraged to search for positive solutions in what brings us together and not what divides us.
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"The Pink Guest" Gulliver Theatre (Warsaw / Poland)

chief manager: Mirosław Korzeb
artistic administrator: Rober Jarosz
written: Maria Wojtyszko
directed: Jakub Kroft
stage design: Jakub Kroft
music: Adam Świtała
lighting: Damian Pawella
stage motion: Aneta Jankowska
cast: Damian Kamińśki, Tomasz Kowol, Izabella Kurażyńska, Elżbieta Pejko, Adam Wnuczko

opening night 7 May 2017
ages: 4+
60 min.

The Pink guest shows up unexpectedly. Suddenly, a large, pink and furry Guest appears in the middle of the night, in the apartment of an ordinary family. The awaken children welcome the strange visitor enthusiastically, but he does not explain where he came from or who he is. And this is the beginning of a story telling of family relationships, stereotypes and habits in a grotesque, but amusing way. A family who lost their spontaneity and cool is scrutinised by Him - the mysterious visitor who is trying to make friends. The Pink Guest becomes a mirror which reflects the family with all its small and big weaknesses, which are sometimes a source of grief and sometimes a source of joy. The extraordinary adventure experienced by the characters makes them aware of many true things about themselves and results in escaping the stereotypical point of view as well as in an explosion of spontaneous joy.
Live music, shadow play, humour and laughter are all great assets of this show telling a very true story, however seeming to have been taken from another planet.
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"Twang and Bang" The Baj Pomorski Theatre (Toruń / Poland)

manager: Katarzyna Kawalec
written: AretaPuchalska
music: RadosławBolewski
cast: Krzysztof Grzęda, Krzysztof Parda, Marta Parfieniuk-Białowicz, Edyta Soboczyńska

ages: 1+
45 minutes
première: 22 June 2014

Protagonists of the story about listening and hearing, Twang, Bang, Ballerina and Maestro, take the youngest audience to a fantastic journey into the world of music. To get there, we will use a magic stall. This unusual vehicle will help us to visit a theatre, a sea, a forest, a garden and even the Moon!
Together with Twang, the children can get sounds from objects that only seem not to be instruments, for example pipe made from foil or a drum from a pot. These ideas will inspire the li’l ones’parents to create new games, using the simplest tools. The play teaches children how to associate sounds with phenomena, situations and objects that they can be encounter outside the theatre.
The Twang and Bang entirely relies on work with sound and music. The rhythmic pieces (counting-out rhymes, whispers, simple songs, naming the world with onomatopoeic words) and instruments add to the unique atmosphere of the play.
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"Treatise on stealing fruit" The Guliwer Theatre (Warsaw / Poland)

chief manager: Danuta Marosz
artisticadministrator: Robert Jarosz
written: Marian Pankowski
stage direction: Robert Jarosz
stage design: Martyna Dworakowska
choreography consulting: WeronikaPelczyńska
cast: Elżbieta Pejko, Anna Przygoda, Adam Świtała, Honorata Zajączkowska

ages: 6+
50 min.
première: 2 June 2017

In their Treatise on stealing fruit, the actors invite their audience to join their escapade to an apple orchard. Yes, let's steal some apples! At night, in the faint light of the moon, we’ll climb the highest tree and steal the fruit. Will we make it back to the ground without meeting the farmer? Let us see for ourselves!
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The audience were also invited to the orchard. The play could have made the older ones think of the times when they stole apples, but, on the other hand, it could have made them see the eroticismof this “sneaking to an orchard” situation. The idea seems to be a good one. The stage production of the text, although strongly erotic, does not go beyond the limits of good taste and covers the “double worlds”: innocent, child-like, thirsty for sweet fruit and the world of adult initiation.


"Wooow, chicolate!" The Baj Theatre (Warsaw / Poland)

manager: Ewa Piotrowska
written: Paweł Beręsewicz
adapted: Roksana Jędrzejewska-Wróbel
stage direction: Ewa Piotrowska
stage design: Katarzyna Proniewska-Mazurek
music: Wojciech Błażejczyk
choreography: Izabella Borkowska
multimedia projections: IreneuszMaciejewski
lighting: IreneuszMaciejewski
coast: Andrzej Bocian, Malwina Czekaj, Marta Gryko-Sokołowska, Marcin Płuszka, Robert Płuszka, Marek Zimakiewicz

ages: 8+
90 min.
première: 3 December 2016

Which came first – the hat or the magician? Does magic exist at all, or are these just ordinary tricks? What do Ole and Bombalini have in common? Who owns the Great Hand that every now and then,returns to the richer and richer Zyliria? And isn’t Zyliria rich enough already? Who’s the mysterious Dundolf? Is chicolate the same thing as chocolate? Can one be imprisoned for nothing? So many questions and no answers. Or maybe.... Maybe you can find them? Come and see for yourself!
Info – theatre

Wooow, chicolate!, based on a book by PawełBeręsewicz and directed by EwaPiotrowska, is a great mystery, both for children and their parents: it is a play about magic, as well as its various shades and dimensions. These secret areas get explored on the stage by means of a visually attractive form and excellent acting performance, in terms of animation as well as vocal and dance.

Wiesław Kowalski – Theatre for you



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