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International performances


"Kadu Zari" Negar Puppet Theatre (Teheran / Iran)
"Matta Matta" The Touring Company of Dansstationen (Malmö / Szwecja)
"My Little Prince" Karola Spišáka Old Theatre (Nitra / Słowacja)

"Kadu Zari" Negar Puppet Theatre (Teheran / Iran)

chief manager: Mohammad Ali Aalami
written: Giti Mortazavi, Raziye Boroumand
stage direction: Mohammad Ali Aalami
stage design: Ali Asghar Aalami
music: Seyed Ali Biniyaz,Seyed Amin Azimi
cast: Seyed Amin Azimi, Forouzan Bahrampour, Seyed Ali Biniyaz, Salman Farkhondeh, Hamidreza Ghorbani Kelidbary, Mohammad Loghmanian, Mina Ramezani, Ebrahim Shakeritokhtomeshlou

première: 24 October 2016
ages: 10+
45 min.

The play was inspired by the extraordinary life and work of the pioneering cinematography artist Georges Mélies's . The authors welcome the viewers in the land of magicians, magical skills and magic.  The magic tricks Méliès pioneered in film remained unique until today.  

A trump sells pumpkins but there’s a special one that he doesn’t want to sell. Everyone wants to buy it and he keeps saying no. The trump reveals the pumpkin’s mystery and adventures, and...
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„Matta Matta” The Touring Company of Dansstationen (Malmö / Szwecja)

manager: Lars Eidevall
written: The Touring Company of Dansstationen and The100hands
dramaturgy: Moos van den Broek
music: Jorg Schellekens
cast: Pierre Enaux, Alecandra Göransson

première: 16 September 2017
ages: 6+
50 min.

A play about mats and much more. It is sport and dance.
It is square, but you can bend it.
It jumps and lands, falls down and stands up again.
Matta Matta is a play discussing safety and risk.
Two dancers lose their way in the adventurous world of exercise mats. The audience watch the whole situation from a close distance and can put their noses or toes in there.
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"My Little Prince" Karola Spišáka Old Theatre (Nitra / Słowacja)

manager: Martin Kusenda
written: Jiří Jelínek wg Antoina de Saint-Exupéry’ego
stage direction: Jiří Jelínek
stage design: Bára Čechová
music: Zdeněk Král
dramaturgy: Petra Zichová
musicians: Radovan Hudec, Ivan Matejovič, Marek Zaťko
cast: Miroslav Bakura, Danica Hudáková, Radovan Hudec, Michal Kalafut, Rudo Kratochvíl, Jana Labajová / Henrieta Kolláriková, Lukáš Púchovský, Martina Slobodová

opening night 11 November 2016
ages: 6+
60 min.

Because of its fairy-tale and philosophical dimensions, The Little Prince is loved by both children and adults. The Karola Spišáka Old Theatre in Nitra created a play inspired by Saint-Exupéry’s story: famous themes rendered as fun on stage. The entire story takes place in the last motel in the Universe: a forgotten place that no one has visited for many years. Its owner lives there alone with her monkey, thinking of the good old days when the motel was full of life. The sudden appearance of King is followed by a series of retrospective stories about the protagonists whose lives have changed because of Little Prince. He showed them that every job loses its meaning if it does not serve the good of other people. When the puppet part of the play on Little Prince’s planet ends, a discotheque and rock concert of the Prince and Roses band start.
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